What is DREP?
DREP is committed to building "connectors " and "toolkits" based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration. Based on DREP Chain, DREP ID, DREP Reputation Protocol and DREP SDK, DREP aims to build an open data ecosystem on chain, disrupting the status quo of segregated users and data on multiple chains.
The DREP Chain is a high-performance public chain fully developed by the DREP team. It is compatible with Smart Contracts in the EVM and WASM format with a dual layer structure constituting of a root chain and sub-chains.
Through the DREP reputation profile image, the merchant can find out the user’s interests as well as the user group that really matches the product, therefore achieving precise marketing. Reputation account management enables the user to manage their own privacy; In addition, through digitalized consumption profile, the user can exchange corresponding discounts, promoting consumption and further increasing the user's stickiness.
  • 2019/Q1-Q2

    . Published the first test version of DREP Client
    . Completed asset mapping of Mainnet, realized asset settlement in DREP chain
    . Released DREP TESTNET 3.0 The Eternal Method – Euler
    . Launched DREP game SDK Alpha version, realized multi-asset integration and token swap function

  • . Released DREP Pre-Mainnet The Constant Change - Planck
    . Optimized code style and service-oriented programming, it is like Java's Spring container development, modules are able to be fully decoupled so that the code can be easily refactored
    . Developed more reputation protocol Plug-in and API for enterprises
    . Built user portraits and oriented screening mechanisms in user reputation traffic pools
    . DREP Mainnet Testing stage
    . Updated DREP White Paper V2.0.2


  • 2020Q1-Q2

    . DREP Mainnet 1.0 Launch
    . DREP Multi-Client Launch
    . DREP ID V2.0 Development
    . DREP DID 2.0 & SDK Launch

  • . DREP Reputation System Launch
    . DREP Zero-knowledge Proof Integration


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